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Corporate Wellness Services

Tingkatkan kesejahteraan, kesehatan dan keterlibatan karyawan bersama layanan digital wellness terintegrasi – Uwellness Indonesia

Hidup Sehat Mengubah Segalanya

Program diet, Konsultasi gizi, coaching bersama ahli & praktisi tersertifikasi, belanja harian, catering sehat, hingga wellness travel, dan masih banyak lagi.

Depression Therapy

If your depression causes sadness and absence of involvement with your daily life, then this therapy is designed for you.

Online Therapy

If you face any difficulties in attending direct sessions, you can easily go for online theory from anywhere in the world.

Couples Therapy

Breakups, marriage problems, or any type of problem you are facing with your partner can be handled with your cooperation.

Children Therapy

If you feel your kids need help with life challenges, they’re welcome to attend this therapy session & overcome obstacles.

Anti-Stress Therapy

If extra stress is interfering with your daily life activities, then therapy sessions will help you handle these situations.

Post-Divorce Therapy

Ups & downs are part of everyone's life. If you need help in dealing with post-divorce tantrum, join this therapy session.

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logo uwellness indonesia

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